Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quick Turn Around

I'm back, but just for 2 days. Got home Friday night, and only have time to go see the gals at the Cottage, then one day--today-- for cleaning the car (!!!blah!!!!), repacking (!!!yuck!!) and back out again. Absence DOES make the heart grow fonder at home, and Lamar is helping me so much...maybe he likes me better GONE. Oh well.....I like him better suddenly, too!

My last road trip (S. Carolina coast) was a blast, in spite of the horrible cold I had the whole time....I always claim I "never" get sick, and I even said it to somebody the day I came down with it. I need to consider revising that particular boast of mine, cause it was a killer, still is, a little. My yarn mentor is fun, especially, cause I think she's new to the "girlfriends roadtrip!" thing. We actually have planned ANOTHER trip (guess I need more training!), but I am taking it as a compliment....we had a good time & some good food & great laughs, both hoarse from talking so much. Just too bad we had to do the whole trip in two cars. We both have to carry so many samples, it is ridiculous. Next trip, I am hoping to already have a van for this job. I have resisted the idea, not wanting to have higher gas expenses, but there is no way out of it. I guess I will have to become a soccer mom after all. I am imagining "Dream-Create-Inspire-Nurture" signs on the van, what do you think?

Tomorrow, I leave for a week in Atlanta, then from ATL, I go to NJ to stay with my folks for 2 weeks. Me & Barb should have a good-ole string time with lots of sewing, knitting, crocheting and QVC shopping thrown in. The 19th, I go back to Atlanta and back to work. With Feb a short month, I wonder if I will be home before Feb's over?

Another trip to the Carolina coast awaits in March, the North this time, and back up to NJ at the end of the month. I feel like I'm in the Amazing Race, "oh, the great wall of China!....Oh, the leaning tower of Pisa, oh....the Eiffel Tower!" they run, breathless, exhausted, not even able to stop & have a cafe-au-lait or a hot tea. I've been having fun, but sometimes I wonder, how did I get myself into this mess? Kind of like a tangled ball of yarn!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brand-New Suitecase

I just finally received the color rings for HPKY yarns, WOWEE! And don't they look cute in this "suitcase" I found upstairs in the attic?

Some things OTN (Off The Needles!)

Finished a few things, like ONE sock, a nice vest made from Hand Painted Knitting Yarn's Giant Skein (10 oz - Madame Butterfly colorway). I added some ribbon from my stash for shine. Random knitting, and Jane Thornley's pattern. I love this thing!

These are some things I was meaning to post over the last few weeks, but there never seems to be time. I am emptying my camera today for a trip down to FL and SC. Maybe I will get a some good pictures for a change!

On the trip, I will work on my other purple cabled sock (Vilai, from Cookie A.'s Sock Innovation book, my favorite sock book, EVER..well, I guess it is just as great as Sensational Socks by Charlene Schurch). Plus, I need to start on a commission for 7 (count em!!) Christmas stockings modelled after the one in the picture on the left. Because it has such tiny stitches (21,000 stiches each, plus a sewn in lining), I asked if I can knit it on thicker yarn so it won't take so long to make SEVEN of them (maybe 10,000 stitches each, BTW). Anyway, as you can see, the thicker yarn swatch worked up pretty well, so I am off and running!

Don't Know Why I Love This!

This is a stretch of road that was pure NOTHING in the old days, a long boring part of every road trip east. I meant to also get a shot of the dinosaur, which I'm sure everyone has already seen at one time or another. The dinosaur was the ONLY thing to see in the desert when I was a a kid (and I guess there are folks who didn't even have a dinosaur!). Now, the wind farms always intrigue me into taking meaningless pictures like this one. Thought I'd share. FYI: it was a still day and they weren't turning at all. Weird.

Reminded Me of Picot!

This little dog, who I met on the street in Long Beach, CA, had the cutest little coat. Her daddy said, "my wife makes them from scraps!". I wanted to make one for Picot someday!

Here is Picot in her Christmas coat:
You can get the knitting chart (has lots more knitting motifs on it, too, from my ravelry patterns download page).