Monday, June 7, 2010

Whatcha makin??

This 78" long serpent twists around and makes a cute shrug. It's made of Taria tweed a new yarn from Plymouth, made of Merino, Silk and Llama. Very nice to work with. I would like to have it finished by Thursday for the TNNA yarn show. Wish me luck. I figured up the remaining stitches and have to do 30 rows per day to get done. This includes a 2.5" wide border around the inner edge, which is being called the outer edge in the pattern. (??!!). I missed my 30 rows last night due to serious web surfing on Lonely Planet. Now I have to do 60 rows today. uhmm-hmmm.

Best Pic Ever

I really must post this best pic ever of me (so far). I just got my hair cut short well above the shoulders (yikes!), so it will be awhile.

Barbara's Rainbow

Well, there is no way to go back and figure out what I have done since we spoke last...I do have lots of stalled knitting projects (all summer tops I was trying to knock out before it got hot..too late!). My StepMOM, Barbara, passed away February 28th, and since then I have hardly been home. I went to Greece with my dad and my sister for a week in the middle of May. It was a wonderful trip, and I will never forget the hospitality and love of Barbara's 3 cousins, Nikko, Spiro and Spirios, and all their children, Maria, John, and Chris (plus Dimitria in spirit). Please let me someday visit the glorious seaside village of AEGIO (EYE-GHE-O), on the Corinthian Sea, again. This was the view from my bedroom Nikko and Chrissa's new home on the mountain. I think that is their lemon grove in the foreground. This photo was taken in the afternoon, when we returned from our trip to Ayia Varvara
View Larger Map, where we scattered her ashes in her grandfather's hometown cemetary.