Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New project #1

This is my new project. I looked for a nice lacey vest and came up with a gorgeous FREE pattern in Finnish. Not being able to read Finnish, I of course started the project immediately, by just looking at the photo. Several days later, I downloaded the Finnish pattern and discovered it had charts that did not agree with the pattern I was knitting (hmm, imagine that!), and also that is was knitted in 3 pieces, then sewn together. I wanted to do a pullover vest, knitted in the round to the armholes. OK, start over...but sticking with the knitting in the round concept. Several days later (and about 4 inches of knitting), I realized I HATED the way the side decreases looked (I had worked plain stockinette in that area to avoid the "how to decrease over the lace repeats" issue. UGGGLLLYYY.). So, on lucky Friday the 13th, with my friend Paula's emotional support (ok, she just sat there, working on her own project), I ripped out again and started over, this time I will incorporate the lace design into the decreases...or is it the other way around. Get it, "around"??. Ha ha. Knitting joke.
If you want to get the free Finnish pattern, here it is:
Mine will be available soon.......

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