Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Great Minds Think Alike

Yesterday morning, I spotted a baby changing table at a thrift shop. Could be a cute way to display baby yarns, I thought in passing. Then, yesterday afternoon, Rhonda mentioned, "we should put all these new Swedish yarns baby yarns in a crib or something like that". Done deal. What do you think? Now we need a baby. We just received patterns and Mandarin Petit and Baby Bomull ("tree-wool", which is their word for Cotton). They are lovely and reasonable with lots and lots of yardage and make the finest baby (and other) knitting or crochet you can imagine. There is also a lovely organic cotton as well for the nature-moms and grannies. Thin cotton shows lacey stitch patterns in the best way possible. Lacey tops for summer....oh yeah.

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