Monday, August 31, 2009

Busy busy busy

First I woke up at 2 AM this morning, and couldn't go back to sleep. Worked on my new website for a few hours, and later on went by the shop and finished off/started a bunch of things. Built a couple more shelving units for Rhonda, helped Nancy (a little!) with all the oodles of Cascade 220 we have to put up, did the I-Cord bind off on a nifty Trio totebag we are working on. (I had one before but it got lost somehow, and this is a new one, and will be lined this time!). Hung up the "Falling Leaves" scarf...about 1/3 done? That's it below in Blue Sky Alpaca's Melange. Also started a RED felted hat in Cascade 220, I intend to make several here shortly, before I start my felted clogs with the needle felted "H" Monogram. (or "S"!!) Best of all , I finally sewed the buttons on my Little Leafy Lace Vest (from Leaving for Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Savannah in the morning. I will come home when I am good & ready! I have several projects in my bag: some Tatted baby booties, a Hearts of Faith Scarf in South West Trading Co. "Tranquility", a Yin/Yang Shawl that requires all my powers of concentration, and thusly gets worked on rarely, a more than half-finished Amazing Hug shrug (Corn! yarn, stretchy! neat-o), and if that is not enough, a Lavender Lace & Cable top I started several months ago, and ditched to the bottom of the Namaste for my more pressing projects. Love to you all...I will be in touch. How much ya wanna bet I sleep good tonight?

What do you think of my vest? I love it. Now, let's get some more cooler weather, ok?

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