Saturday, August 1, 2009

My New Orleans Hideaway

I'm back! And it actually was a good trip after all. However, if you can imagine Lucille Ball lost in New Orleans, that would be me! I got lost a million times in 3 days. I gotta hand it to those folks. I thought I was kinda smart, but even the dumb ones in N.O., who can drive are smarter than me! I also spent many of my lost hours hunting for Zydeco music on the radio, and whenever I found it, I was transported to another dimension, so I really enjoyed every minute. The Marigny district ("Mare-in-ee"), where I stayed (in a wonderful apt on the right side of this duplex), is a great little place, just like Key West, I think. A funky, eclectic neighborhood, with groovy little shops, BIKE LANES and cool eateries. Bette Bornside's yarnshop is around the corner. Eat at Juan's Flying Burrito if you get to the Garden District.....strangely, it was across the street from a yarn shop I had visited the previous day, Garden District Needleworks. Another coincidence: a yarnshop employee told me, you need to go to Gallery 713 on Royal street, you have a twin. I went there, and met Heidi Young. It is true. We had lots of hugs & plenty of life-parallels, including looking very much alike. OK, I'm convinced about New Orleans' special powers. I'll be back soon.


  1. hi heidi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come back soon!!!!!!!! xoxo the other heidi

  2. And next time be sure to snap a picture of both of ya'll your new hairdo!