Friday, August 28, 2009

YES, I am home, but not for long!

Yes, I'm home....clearing the wreckage of days and days on the road, plus working at the yarn Cottage everyday. I am totally alarmed at how much weight I gained on the road. Hard to imagine why!

Something I've meant to do for a long time, and finally have done in the past couple of days, I started my own website. I think it's a cool way to make sure all my "info" is easily available to friends and customers. Yeah, I know, who cares? But maybe somebody does. I also have gobs of patterns I have written over the years, so that is a good place to post them.

I finished the Leafy Lace Vest and gonna post a pic as soon as I get some buttons for it. Everything else is still in progress as I seem to keep on starting things, not finishing much. Maybe a whole bunch will get finished at the same time someday soon. I was so proud of my sister to call & ask me to help her get started on some fingerless gloves. I started them up on a wonderful yarn, Venezia worsted, a a silk & merino blend (black, of course) (on a long circular...magic loop, which I knew she had tried once before), and mailed them off to her in Hollywood. She got them yesterday, and after a skype session with her friend Holly in England, she got going again. Talk about some international affairs!

Leaving again in a few days...this time to Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Savannah, and maybe's my website....not finished yet...but a pretty good start.

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