Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just Knitting Along...

Not so much new lately, except for a very busy first Monday open at the Yarn Cottage. I worked on my two current projects, and of course started another. Here is the current status of the Lace & Cable top, which I have just picked up again after a (one month) haitus, and the half done February Baby Sweater in Swedish yarns Bomull Sport. I am doing the February Baby (from EZ's Knitter's Almanac) because of the popularity of the "February Lady" sweater, which we have hanging up at the shop in Cascade Greenland. It sure is a fun pattern to make, and pretty easy (see buttonholes problem below! LOL). I should be able to get the other sleeve done today & get into the body section, which is a breeze. Oh, I forgot the buttonholes (oops!) gonna put in a grosgrain band with snaps, I think. Good save, Rhonda! You gotta see the Great Adirondack rayon ribbon scarf she is making up. As for the lace & cable top (a download from Vogue Knitting) in purple, it is kinda strange....you work across the top from sleeve to sleeve (the cables run horizontally, and that opening is the neck, about halfway to the other side & getting back into one piece), then sew the underarms, then work down from there. I am doing it in a nice cotton/acrylic blend dk I have had in my stash for a long time. The other one I started isn't so interesting yet, but it's an eggplant colored "Hey Teach" sweater, which is lacey & has short sleeves. I think it should take 4 balls of Cotton Fleece, which is really nice to work with.

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