Sunday, June 28, 2009

More about the Baby Surprise

Even though I am finished knitting it, I've been having my coffee and reading this morning on the phenomenon that is the Baby Surprise. I find it incredible has over 8000 people worldwide who've knitted it and posted photos, plus there is an extensive WIKI page, with loads of technical information, not only for knitting, it, but for knitting it BETTER. Then I got sidelined by this:

I had seen some buttons like this, and filed it away under "someday I will try to do this". Now I won't have to get my head dented in from banging it against the I will have instructions! It seems like a good use for the gobs of embroidery thread and perle cotton I have from other (temporarily dropped) crafts! I might even have those little cabone rings, too.

Speaking of the Ravelry phenomenon patterns, I think I am going to knit another one: the "Hey Teach" sweater (originially from Knitty), which is lacey and short sleeved....two of my favorite features in a sweater. Do you think eggplant cotton fleece is a good choice? I am still uncertain what color to make, but I think the cotton fleece will be awesome. A friend named Erin I met in Nashville at the Haus of Yarn (!!) was making one and I can't get it out of my head. Also, if you are a ravelry member, you must see knit4smiles, one of the other fabulous knitters I met at Knit Nite. She was making a "Wild Thing", but without a pattern. Truly wonderful and adorable (and scary!) too. It is finished and posted on her projects page.

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