Thursday, July 30, 2009

On the Road & Missing the Shop

Hi from (just started raining BIG TIME) New Orleans. Staying with my newfound nephew Corey and his partner Tim. They have been wonderful to me, and since I am just starting this new venture, and not sure it can stay in the black yet, this is the perfect option. I need more and more newfound relatives to develop, LOL. South Florida relatives, please write soon! Maybe if I can find some Cuban relatives, I will be treated to some good grub & coffee.

In the meantime, I sure do miss the cottage, and these pics of last Tuesday's Knit & Coffee make me homesick. Save a spot for me in the "living room", ok gals? Our Kid's Camps are now part of knitting history (I think about 20 kids learned to knit & crochet this summer), so Tuesday mornings should turn back to just the grownups starting next week.

Oh, as for projects, Eebie's "antique" sweater looks nearly done, and Charlene has gotten pretty far on her 3-Button wrap. Shannon has a baby sweater in Knit Col, and a grown-up sweater in Tonalita that I really should have gotten pictures of, and Sue is re-working the crochet edge on her baby sweater. You must see the vintage pink baby dress we have hanging up...maybe Christina made it? I finished the "hey teach" short-sleeved lace cardigan sweater in eggplant Cotton Fleece (I love that stuff), but the pic is in Rhonda's camera, and the cable is temporarily missing. My own camera cable is also missing (I think I threw it away with a burger king bag on my last trip!), so a new one is on the way, in case y'all are wondering why I haven't been posting. DUH! I have just realized I can take photos with my camera. I will catch on someday. In the meantime, I have 3 other things on the needles, an Amaizing Hug in Corn yarn, a Hearts of Faith Scarf in Tranquility, which is a wool & bamboo blend, plus the Mariposa shawl in Yin & Yang, and it will be a showstopper. If only I could drive & knit.

Oh, did you know, the shop is getting Rowan yarns and more from South West Trading soon? I even think there is a fashion show in the works. Rhonda and I have been planning some knit-a-longs too. Get your 2 cents in now if you have any ideas. By for now, and I guess I will be wearing my clear clogs to visit shops today. The groovy suede shoes I brought have to stay in the car. Pouring rain. Darn you rain prayers.

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  1. I LOVE the rain. Miss you, make sure you keep blogging.