Monday, July 6, 2009

Finishing Jobs Galore!

This sweater is made from dog hair spun in to yarn. Really! Amazing...I am sewing it together and adding the neck & sleeve edgings. What a special way to remember Fido (or Fluffy?) My dog Purl could make enough for one of these in a week. Contact the shop if you want to know where to get your dog's hair spun into yarn.

Ok, this is the "after" of one of the sweaters below. The green one has gone back to the drawing board. The sleeves don't match the a long shot. Shall we make a vest instead? Or maybe the sleeves can be knitted (& increased) some more, or the front & back can be unravelled and made shorter. This is the problem. The armholes should be 9" tall, but they are 12". That amounts to a 6" shortfall in the size of the sleeves. Measure twice, knit once.

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