Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Well, That's Just SKIFY!

You won't believe these kooky patterns. All avante-garde and strange. I am planning on making one right away, probably in one of the yarns we just got from South West Trading...I think the drape of a soy or bamboo is going to look extra cool & groovy on my new SKIF. I believe in always making the THING YOU CAN'T BUY. I am pretty sure you can't buy a sweater like these, anywhere around here...but I could be wrong. Maybe you can, for about $500 or so. Oh, and the patterns come with your funky metal tags & buttons, too. It will feel pretty strange to knit all those funny hanging off pieces. Oh my...that is going to mess with my Libra soul for sure. Then I will have to try hard to keep a straight face while wearing it. Maybe I will wear my sunglasses all day, and a ponytail on one side of my head. At least just for the blog picture.

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