Friday, July 3, 2009

Hard Working Knit & Crochet Chain Gang

Angela is almost done with her blanket for Baldwin County Carehouse, and we think it is pretty close to perfect, if not actually 100% perfect. Ileana, and I hope I spelled that right, is doing a great job on her first crochet work (oops...I think it is her 2nd class, so don't get mad I said "first"). I am totally amazed at how good these kids are. Rhonda is warning me, I may have to look for a new job once they get trained up on their knitting & crochet. I noticed they were studying how to use the ball winder awfully closeley. It is a shame, because the pay is so good. I got the February Baby sweater very close to done, (ok, I might be exaggerating a little, but there is no proof, because I neglected to take a picture. Maybe next time. I could get the "Hey Teach" sweater (eggplant Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece) into the lace part over the holiday weekend, and then it will be an occasion for an in-progress photo shoot. I also have 3 big finishing jobs to do for the shop. Maybe I will post photos of those, too! For some reason, I think some people are actually reading this mess! Thanks, everyone, you made my day.

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